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Life Events

Surviving A Loved One

Lisa’s husband of many years recently passed. Her late husband handled their financial affairs and she wasn’t sure where to turn for guidance. What would you do? Because we have experience with this situation, we are prepared to answer questions and take immediate action to help get all finances organized. With everything else to worry about, our clients come to realize that we are financial advisors with patience, compassion and will help sort through financial obligations while providing knowledge needed for future financial decisions.


James has worked hard his whole life to provide for his family’s well-being and is approaching retirement. He always wants to put his family’s interest first and we do too. We are not driven by commission or products to sell – therefore, all our fees are disclosed upfront when developing personalized strategies. We diligently develop a retirement income strategy that will help our clients retire with confidence they will not outlive their assets.

Legacy Planning

No matter who we are, where we live, and what our goals are, we all have one thing in common: we all want to leave a legacy. For example, Jamie wants to provide her children and grandchildren with not only certain tangible assets, but the ‘work hard’ ethic she and her husband demonstrated throughout their lives. Like Jamie, many people are new to managing assets in a proactive way. This would be the time to seek a financial advisor who will work with an attorney and CPA to ensure that the great legacy each of us builds is passed along to our children and grandchildren. We listen closely to your values, needs and goals so that we can create unique personalized solution.


Divorce can be a difficult, both emotionally and financially. Lindsey wants to start off fresh, as she separates and divorces her partner. She is fairly new to the financial planning strategies available, but we can help her understand the financial impact of decisions made during the divorce process. As dreams, desires, and family demands change, we expect financial goals and plans to change as well. Our team helps you define financial goals and prepare for a new financial future.

New Job

Josh recently got a new job and had to decide what to do with the money in his 401(k). He wanted to discuss his options with someone with experience. In this situation, we would listen, review his financial information and advise him on how to establish a financial foundation. Our expertise and knowledge can help you determine all the options and best financial solutions.

Long Term Care

Jane and Steve are seniors, and concerned about what they would do if their health deteriorates. We would advise them on what their options were, how they could pay for them, help figuring out where one plan left off and another picks up. We would explain to them that long term care planning is a process, in which we would work with them. Our team is committed to continually monitoring all of our client’s financial decisions and revising portfolios to meet these needs and explaining each step of the way.