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Karla Brown

Karla Brown began her career at Union Electric in June 1977. She started in Customer Accounts where they filed customer records for the meter reading department.  Karla then moved on to the Customer Service department, handling records for customers moving in and out, making sure the power was put into their name. She loved the job duties of being able to work with the public. However, as a single parent, being forced to work overtime at the drop of a dime, Karla decided to move on to a different job within the company. As God would have it, she landed in the Accounts Payable department where she worked for the next 32 years. In A/P, they paid all the bills for the company. From the wire on the pole that supplied your electric, to the bills for contractors that cut down the trees away from the wires. Karla worked with the most wonderful group of Christian women who cared about the job they did and enjoyed working with one another. They always helped each other out. No matter what. At the age of 60, Karla retired to begin the next chapter of her life. Little did she know how very much she really enjoyed working the dirt in her very hands. It's like trying to help God, with all the wonder He has created.  Karla enjoys helping others find themselves in their dirt. She has also found a way to help others outside of the dirt by being their driver when they are unable. It really makes Karla feel good when she can help others. She gets a feeling of satisfaction that makes her smile. Karla has one daughter, Dr. Drea Brown, Assistant Professor at Texas State University.